This festival is a good concept, but it’s not hip enough. Sorta comes off like a conference meets a yoga retreat for new-agey 55 year olds. I mean, it’s in Vermont, but clearly is being targeted as a destination for people in Europe and New York. And WOODSTOCK?!?!?! REALLY??? It’s starting to remind me of those cheesy Mutual Fund/401K commercials that play “Born to Be Wild.” Is this the Media Art Festival equivalent? At least it’s not in Woodstock, NY! This festival has potential, but needs some serious development for next year. Also, for a media festival, they need to up the ante on their website. And design aesthetic while I’m being negative.. See for yourself!

The Woodstock Digital Media Festival is an event
designed to showcase some of the most interesting,
progressive, and accessible work happening in the world
of digital media today, and to foster interaction between
creators and the public in the relaxed and bucolic setting
of Woodstock, Vermont. The 2011 event on June 18th
will feature work which uses locative media or plays on
our sense of place in new and interesting ways, and will
bring together business founders, artists, non-profits, and
academics to experience and explore each others’ work
together with the public. The Festival includes small
group discussions open to all attendees, participatory
experiences and explorations, a free and open exhibition
of digital media art, and an evening gala.


Morning Sessions, 10:30 am – 12 noon
The morning is designed around small group interactive activities and discussions on multiple topics.
Digital Vermont – Hear from the leaders of some of the most interesting digital projects in the state aboutthe special challenges and unique opportunities of creating digital media in Vermont. Featuring:
Anne Galloway – editor,, a nonprofit web-based news journal –
Charlie Rattigan – founder, Green Mountain Digital, mobile apps leader in nature and wildlife –
Helen Labun Jordan, director, eVermont: The Community Broadband Project –
Ever want to make a map? Here’s your chance to do it digital, at the WDMF Mapping Party.
Join Hurricane Coast of, the free, editable map of the world created by people like you in a mapping expedition through Woodstock. Join in with your smart phone or we’ll help with the hardware. Project Noah founder Yasser Ansari and the National Park Service will conduct a Digital Nature Walk in the Marsh-Billings
– Rockefeller National Historic Park in Woodstock, using the Project Noah app to document found wildlife and add to
the international database of knowledge.
Issues in Digital Media Art – Christiane Paul, curator of New Media, Whitney Museum of American Art – will lead a conversation with some of the Festival’s participating artists and Magdalena Sawon of NYC’s Postmaster gallery on current issues in New Media art.

Afternoon Exhibition, 2pm – 5pm
Invited artists exhibit and demonstrate throughout Woodstock.
All venues are free and open to the public and are within walking distance of the Festival Information Center at the Village Green. A wide variety of works commissioned for the Woodstock Digital Media Festival will be displayed, demonstrated and discussed by their creators at a number of locations throughout the village.

Ecoarttech – Cary Peppermint & Leila Nadir – “Indeterminate Hikes” in Woodstock
eteam – Franziska Lamprecht & Hajoe Moderegger – If its travelling from one end of town to the other, is it faster to send data over a wireless network or to carry it on a hard disk? Find out with eteam
Will Pappenheimer –“ WiWo Spinners,” mixing the natural world with the digital in everyday experience
C.J. Yeh – Creating with the Modernist masters
Jack Toolin – Our own “Village Idiot”

PLUS: A Critical Mass of “Color”
Explore the creative possibilities of this little app. To really experience the future of recreational surveillance, we need lots of creative,artistic, tech-savvy people using Color, taking interesting photos in one place. And that’s just what we’re aiming for at the Woodstock Digital Media Festival.

Evening Performance and Reception, 7pm – 10pm
The Billings Farm and Museum will play host to an entertaining reception and the Festival’s signature event: Grand finale of short choreographed presentations in the Museum’s intimate theatre.
Guest speakers including:
Christopher Robbins of Ghana Think Tank – on public art and community action,
Steve Coast of, and Yasser Ansari of Project Noah Gallery of exhibits and video on display at the Barn
Open-bar minglefest + light desserts on the balcony overlooking the farm
Music by Post-cyber punk electronic musician NullSleep. A combination of distorted synthpop, electro, and industrial produced with repurposed low-bit electronics.