I really got a rise out of my Austrain roommate the other night when I started watching  the Kelly Family on YouTube. While I was barely familiar with the “clan” Lorenz regaled me with stories about how ubiquitous they were in his parts. A bit of internet stalking revealed that their Father-Yod-looking-leader originally hailed less than an hour away from where I was raised, but quickly relocated the family; making Spain their homebase as they gypsied and troubadoured around western Europe and horrifyingly became epic. While dipping my toe into the first of the Kelly Family vids, I quickly realized that I was most interested in Barby Kelly, the slightly pudgy, intensely akward, scruncied-pigtail-bun donning pre-teen of the group. As seen penguining around in the video below.

It’s totally wild to me, but with her butter-ball past barely behind her, Barby was centrally figured in the family’s performances. And they get pretty fuckin out-there:

This one is easily the most disturbing/rewarding of the bunch. *warning: this one might make you piss yr pants*

R U Going to Scarborough Fair?

Question: Are Barby and Maite the same person? Because I can’t tell them apart. So I’m just going to pretend they are the same mystical lady. Also: who gives a shit.

Thinking about the name Barby oddly reminded me of the Barbi Twins, who ruuule:

Ebay: $2

This came up in a google search for “visually similar” images

Now they are celebrity-animal-rights-activists!