When I first started this site, it began as a blog used as a warm-up for the academic writing that I was doing at the time as a grad student at NYU. I used to give myself 10 minutes and force myself to write about something. Even if I didn’t have anything particularly pressing to say, I forced myself to choose something and go with it. I had gotten into the discipline of doing this on a daily basis, and when I finished my degree, I still had the same part-time desk job working for the Brooklyn Museum managing their collections database, so it then became a form of intellectual stimulation as a means of escaping the doldrums of otherwise extremely dry data work. Upon leaving that world to work as a music publicist, I then had no time or need for a creative outlet– especially not during the work day, and by the time evening rolled around the absolute last thing I wanted to do was type my thoughts on the computer, because that was what I did every day for anywhere from 8-14 hours.

Lately, many people have remarked that I should keep writing and updating the site the way I used to. So in the spirit of forcing myself to write for a few minutes I thought I’d ‘dip a toe’ with a short video mix of some things that made me late for work today. I watched them while supposed to be getting ready, walking the dog and leaving. It started off innocently, with my intention to stream some songs off a few new records that I recently procured while doing my makeup (the fantastic Deux Filles and Phantom Forth reissues from Dark Entries), which lead to watching clips in anticipation of two performances happening during the week (Boss Hog in LA for the In the Red 25th and Rakta’s upcoming in-store at Used Kids). Which then of course snowballed into more spelunking, kind of like that scene in Sleeping Beauty where the princess gets drugged and follows the green smoke leading to the eventual pricking of her finger on the spindle.


Lynda Benglis Female Sensibility










Lynda Benglis- Female Sensibility, 1974