Fractal Manifesto

Straight to Video is a collection of oddities, treasures, weirdness, detritus and bricolage culled from the edges of pop and underground cultures alike. It focuses mainly on contemporary music, visual art, cinema and performance– their zones of intersection and hybridization. The content reflects our current interests, addictions, musings, and various ongoings. Sometimes¬† analysis is included; other times, it’s just a presentation of what we’re paying attention to.¬† It functions mostly as a medium through which we may present what we’re looking at, interested in, or working on.

The site’s title is taken from the 1997 Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments CD, Straight to Video, released by Anyway Records.

Ten Aphorisms in lieu of an editorial policy for Logopandocy

first published in Logopandocy: the journal of vain erudition, vol. 1, no.3, 1996.

“These fragments I have shored against my ruins” (T.S. Eliot, “The wasteland” 1922)
1. Always assume that the reader is capable
2. Always strive to sketch a broad area of knowledge, rather than to map a part of it in detail. Crossing greater distances will illuminate new congruities between both concepts and disciplines.
3. Always prefer the polemical assertion to the guarded equivocation. Ideally, aim to juxtapose apparently contradictory or unrelated statements.
4. Always leave the reader to do some of the work.
5. Giving all the answers implies knowing all of the questions.
6. The dichotomy between ‘literary’ prose style and ‘academic’ prose style is false and destructive of true knowledge. In this Nietzsche is the arbiter of fashion.
7. Ipso facto, sometimes we will be required to play the Devil’s advocat.
8. Philosophical insight is indistinguishible from true poetry.
9. The doing of philosophy is indissoluably linked to the practice of humor– but is all the more effective when this is not at first evident.
10. Don’t forget that the reader has clues.

from “Left Handed Blows: Writings on Sound 1993-2009” Bruce Russell, 2009