La Brune et Moi

  Filmed in 1979, screened once in 1980 to a small crowd on the Left Bank, and lost until 2005, I’m sad to say that my 2011 tastes were underwhelmed with this one. French director Philippe Puicouyoul lifted the story line (Business man falls for a young girl and vows to fulfill her dream of... [ Read More → ]

Lucy Lippard lecture at SVA

SVA’s Art Criticism and Writing MFA Director, David Levi-Strauss Introducing the Lecture The Art Criticism and Writing MFA program at SVA sponsored the brilliant curator, “critic”, writer, and activist Lucy Lippard last evening. The talk, titled “Ghosts, the Daily News, and Prophecy: Critical Landscape Photography” examined the role and effectiveness of photography in generating responsibility... [ Read More → ]

Janet. and her uncanny obsession with her breasts

For a long while, I have been trying to find a beat up “Janet.” tour shirt. My ebay search for such a 90s relic is what generated this post. Although it probably started earlier in her career, Janet Jackson’s 1993 album “Janet.”, released under the Virgin label really propelled her into a full-fledged sex-symbol, and... [ Read More → ]

Rirkrit Tiravanija – "Fear Eats the Soul" at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise

March 5 – April 16, 2011 From the Press Release: Rirkrit Tiravanija will open a new exhibition at Gavin Brown’s enterprise. Taking its title from the Fassbinder film Ali – Fear Eats the Soul a story of love bridging the existential divide, the show will feature, amongst other elements a T-Shirt Factory and a soup... [ Read More → ]

Institute of the 21st Century announces two new iterations of Hans Ulbrich Obrist’s ‘Interview Project"

“We cannot understand the forces which are effective in the visual production of today if we do not have a look at other fields of modern life.” Alexander Dorner, via HUO’s Interview Project at Eyebeam, 1998.The Institute of the 21st Century announces two new iterations of Hans Ulrich Obrist’s ongoing Interview Project, an ongoing series... [ Read More → ]

MoMA finally starts blog

Last night I attended an event at MoMA, where someone brought up the fact that most people were unaware that MoMA has a blog. I have seen their behind the scenes with curators sites, as well as web forums related to specific exhibition sites, but I guess that I was also unaware that there was... [ Read More → ]

Xavier Le Roy lecture

Xavier Le Roy in ‘Self-Unfinished’ Why do there have to be so many awesome things going on tonight? I can’t go to this, but it will definitely be interesting: Lecture by Xavier Le Roy7.30pm, Friday 7 May 2010Martin Segal Theatre Center, CUNY Graduate Center365 Fifth Avenue, NY NY 10016Admission FREE – first come first served... [ Read More → ]

Gary Hill, George Quasha, and Charles Stein at EAI

A screening and conversation was held last night at Electronic Arts Intermix in celebration of the new book An Art of Limina: Gary Hill’s Works and Writings. A panel consisting of Gary Hill, George Quasha and Charles Stein (authors of the publication) illuminated and discussed a selection of Hill’s early single-channel videos, such as Around... [ Read More → ]

Art Fair Weekend 2010

My fear of being blinded from too many patent leather Christian Louboutins as well as lack of trusting myself not to pick a fight with some trophy wife/art snob/dickish gallery owner told me not to seek out the festivals this year. However, I still went to the Armory, and the Independent. There were some highlights... [ Read More → ]

Diamond Shine

Here are some things that I have been up to lately that I have not had time to blog about because of the oppression that is being a 25 year old s/w/f living in New York, going to grad school, while working part time. It’s soooo awwwwful. I can’t even blog about all of the... [ Read More → ]

2009: Best of (in no particular order)

X Initiative– If no one writes a book about the importance of X in the coming year, I am going to make it the topic of a dissertation. Meant to exist for exactly one year from it’s conception, X has offered excellent exhibitions and even better spontaneous performances, lectures, and events. It has easily been... [ Read More → ]

Video Witch: Joan Jonas’ shamanistic approach to performance

I had no idea what to expect for the performance billed ‘Joan Jonas reading Dante.’ I read the Performa summary, which lent almost no information, as well an ArtForum article about the work as instantiated for the 2008 Biennale of Sydney and some other scraps; yet nowhere in the limited information that I could cobble... [ Read More → ]

Museum Futures: Distributed

Last Tuesday, I went to the New School for a screening of Marysia Lewandowska and Neil Cumming’s 2008 film ‘Museum Futures: Distributed.’ The artists have collaborated between 1995 and 2008, in institutions such as banks, museums, galleries, archives, auction houses, universities, and department stores. Commissioned for the 50th anniversary for the Moderna Museet in Stockholm,... [ Read More → ]

Bruce High Quality Foundation- Art History with Benefits

Seeing BHQF for the second time last week, as part of Performa at X-Initiative in Chelsea, I finally realized that the art world really still is anyone’s oyster. Bruce have formed a collective under the auspices of the late social sculptor Bruce High Quality, for which it acts as the official arbiter of the estate.... [ Read More → ]