The 1991 album was released solely on CD and tape cassette in the United States, but received a release on vinyl LP throughout Europe by City Slang, based in Berlin, Germany. The first 3,000 pressings of the LP were done on blue vinyl, with the remainder in standard black.

Plain Records, an Oakland-based indie label specializing in cult album re-issues (mainly 90s stuff like Mazzy Star, Spiritualized, Elliott Smith, and The Breeders), announced that a vinyl re-release of ‘Pretty on the Inside’ was being introduced to their catalogue, set for release on July 19, 2011. The LP reissue marks the first vinyl release of the album in the United States.

My first reaction when seeing this beloved record on the wall at Academy last week, was WHY DIDN’T THEY REISSUE ‘LIVE THROUGH THIS?’ Luckily, I still have my City Slang lp of Pretty on the Inside, but a diabolical ex of mine sold the rest of my Hole catalog down the river to feed into his addiction with Black Oak Arkansas and Lacoste polos. (as well as all my riot grrl stuff, and autobiographical mailorder club 7″s of yore)

In trying to answer my question, I fell into a rabbit-hole of message boards lamenting Plain’s existence for ruining several beloved reissues. So, I suppose it’s for the best that they didn’t reissue ‘Live Through This’ with such a  gross lack of quality control in both transfer quality and production (alleged by the users on these boards).

No doubt the majority of the reason is because Geffen owns the rights for re-pressing the record. It is commonly known that DGC (now comprising 1/3 of Interscope-Geffen-A&M label) has a history of fucking up reissues (think Sonic Youth). And I’m not sure how much of that is due to the constantly changing terrain of power dynamics involved with being absorbed in a larger schema of corporate record labels; or if it’s just because bands like Hole –or people that want to buy vinyl reissues for that matter–will never drive sales and are thusly ranked as inconsequential. Regardless, I refuse to spend over a hundred bucks on the record, so I’m waiting it out.