By now, most GBV fans are probably tired of all the chatter on the interwebs about how Greg Demos fell on his ass on Letterman. The Dayton vets played a track from their forthcoming post reunion LP, Let’s Go Eat the Factory. Another LP by the “classic” lineup is slated to be released this May. It’s telling of the band’s character to keep on going and laugh it off. Ohio: the state of dealing with it.

I’m hard pressed to think of another band that comes close to GBV’s sense of humor. Like related Ohioan Mike Rep, Bob “lovingly fucks with” the crowd; taking jabs, but never alienating. As if cracking wise along with us, communing like a big, weird, dirty, busted up family. Bob’s cock-sure, debonair attitude in his joke-delivery really sells it– every word. I was trying to explain to someone the other night that when you leave a GBV show, it’s like you just got done hanging out with yr hilarious, entertaining, drunk uncle and his buds. In a garage or something.  During each song, you’re screaming every word and risking pulling a muscle from those high Uncle Bobby kicks–and in between songs, you try and catch every word, to see where Uncle BB stands on Emerson Lake and Palmer, how no band in Pittsburgh rivals GBV, and of course little nuggets of wisdom from the road. You certainly don’t get that impression in this Letterman performance, but it’s clear that they are having a good time playing, and that they’re happy to take the piss outta themselves–even if it’s on national tv.

I digress–the main point here I wanted to make is that even with a bassist falling down, GBV are still the best no matter what. As Bob Pollard once said, “just suck it up and win the game.”

Prettttty sure that’s a jumpsuit? STILL COOL.

Donut for the Snowman–off the hilariously themed LP, Let’s Go Eat the Factory