‘Slammerworm’ has been uploading more NZ gems and segments from the Onset-Offset VHS compilation. Hopefully he will be uploading the rest of the tape soon. (Yes, I asked.)

The Policy in their practice room, 1984. Original video filmed and edited by Campbell McLay and Ritchie Venus for the Onset-Offset video compilatiion ‘Get Up and Go’. The song is from their first EP ‘Dust to Dust’.

Christchurch alt-rockers tear through a Soft Boys cover in their practice-room, 1984. Filmed by Lawrence K on super-8, who falls over at 1:57. From Lawrence and Lisa Lens’ ‘Frantic’ (1984).

Kiwi garage-punk mavericks the McGoohans perform ‘Psychedelic Texas’ in the back yard of a well-known Armagh St flat in Christchurch New Zealand. Lineup was me on guitar/vocals, Ian Blenkinsop on guitar, Susan Heney on bass and her sister Mary guesting on drums. Suitably psychedelic video shot and edited by Ritchie Venus and Campbell McLay. Go on, take the brown acid. I DARE ya to…

1977-vintage video for the first-ever Kiwi punk rock single (released early 1978). Glammy Auckland art-punks gleefully alarming society with their wild grimaces, bin-liner clothes, New York Dolls guitar riffs and a drawn-on Hitler moustache.