Auckland’s Powertool Records, the same label to thank for releasing new works by Sandra Bell, The Puddle, Robert Scott, Bill Direen, ( I could go on)  and generally speaking– the label that actively releases a diverse range of ex-Corpus Hermeticum, Xpressway, and Flying Nun artist’s material;  has a new compilation out called Bulletholes 4: Exploring the Unknown. Heavyhitters include  Sandra Bell, One Man Bannister, and Peter Gutteridge, Matthew Bannister (ex Sneaky Feelings heart-throb and author of Positively George St. (!!) This Sneaky Feelings Video makes me cry EVERY time ) But the strongest tracks on the comp may be the newbies on the second half of the record. (See favorites below)

Don’t be a butthole, listen to Bulletholes 4 Here

(Favorites in bold)

1. Feyodor- Get well soon
2. The Black Watch- The Stars in the Sky
3. Attics & Cellars- Sheep and Wolves
4. Vorn- A safe Pair of Hands
5. Rough Church- Goodbye to Greg
6. Sandra Bell- Caveman
7. Brother Love- Gravity is a State of Mind
8. One Man Bannister- You´d never know
9. Juan Los Bastardos- Peice you off
10. Dragstrip- Do Do Do
11. Enshrine- Side of my own
12. Starfire- Monster
13. AJ Sharma- Guess it doesnt matter anymore
14. New Hang Ups- The Girl in an Adult World
15. Malcontent- Meet me in Wellington (lie to me)— Liked the track, but this band invites so many jokes about Incontinence…
16. Black Wings- Black Ice– Cool buzzy bass
17. The Doubtful Sounds- Painting by Numbers
18. Gold Medal Famous- Gold! Medal! Famous! GOLD FUCKING MEDAL FUCKING FAMOUS!!
19. Azalia Snail- Helaine´s Journey
20. Cat & Sock- Exploring the Unknown

This October, several of the Bulletholes artists are heading out on tour to support the new comp, traversing NZ and CA in various formations at each show. Exploring the unknown (and the known)  over 11 dates will be Changing Same (aforementioned Matthew Bannister, ex-Sneaky Feelings), Sandra Bell, Come Down Kid, Nick Raven, Brother Love, Peter Gutteridge, Malcontent, A J Sharma, Dragstrip, Cat and Sock, Vorn, Gold Medal Famous, (Gold Fucking Medal Fucking Famous)  Black Wings and Grossburger.

The Bulletholes compilation  began in 2003 with ‘Here Come the Bulletholes’ came out in 2003. Touted as “a great slice of the Auckland music scene,” the compilations have each showcased great songwriting in NZ. 11 years later, the label releases the 4th compilation in the series, which has expanded beyond NZ music– to include American artists as well.

Most of these songs are seeing their first release here – but the collection of great tracks on this album means that they won’t likely remain entirely Unknown for long.


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Stream to Bulletholes 4 Here

Bulletholes 4: Exploring the Unknown tour dates and lineups
Fri 12th October – Raglan, Yot Club
– Changing Same, Sandra Bell, Come Down Kid Nick Raven, Brother Love
Sat 13th October – Auckland, UFO,
– Changing Same, Sandra Bell, Malcontent, Come Down Kid, Nick Raven, Brother Love
Fri 19th October – Christchurch, Wunderbar
– Brother Love, Sandra Bell, Come Down Kid, Nick Raven
Sat 20th Oct – Dunedin, The Crown Hotel
– Brother Love, Peter Gutteridge, Squirm, Sandra Bell, Come Down Kid, Nick Raven
Thurs 25th Oct – Wellington, Medusa
– Vorn, Gold Medal Famous, Cat & Sock, Come Down Kid, Dragstrip
Fri 26th Oct – Whanganui, Spacemonster
– Vorn, Cat & Sock, Black Wings, Come Down Kid, Dragstrip
Sat 27th Oct – Masterton, The Golden Shears
– Vorn, Gold Medal Famous, Cat & Sock, Dragstrip, Come Down Kid
Sun Oct 28 – Palmertson North, Badcave- all ages
– Vorn, Gold Medal Famous, Cat & Sock, Dragstrip, Come Down Kid

Fri 2nd Nov – Los Angeles
– Rough Church, Azalia Snail, Black Watch, Come Down Kid
Sat 3 November – Los Angeles, Taix
– Come Down Kid

Thurs 8th November – San Francisco
– Rough Church, Azalia Snail, Come Down Kid