Sex Tide’s first full length LP ‘Flash Fuck’ was recently released via A Wicked Company, a New York-based label that rose from the ashes of beloved 90s cadaver Vertical Records. A trio from Columbus, OH the video was shot in the dungeonous basement of a now decade-old building ‘downtown’ that is known for its constant stream of art exhibitions and the accompanying 20-somethings that currently or formerly reside at the DIY space. Shot quickly on VHS, the video matches the analog nature of ‘Flash Fuck’ indeed– after all, the record was recorded on quarter inch tape; video tape’s brother. Of course in 2013 you inevitably end up sending/sharing files with a computer and what have you, but the end product of both the Sex Tide video and the record is pretty much as organic as you can get on a DIY scale.


Sex Tide LIVE on Dangerous for the Brain WFMU, 11/17/2013

Sex Tide “Laudanum” from Straight to Video on Vimeo.