Guy Maddin to adapt Sparks' tribute to Ingmar Bergman

Guy Maddin to adapt Sparks’ tribute to Ingmar Bergman

  Josiah Hughes reports: Back in 2009, legendary pop outsiders Sparks followed up their 21st studio album, Exotic Creatures of the Deep, with The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman, an album that doubled as a musical, following a fictionalized version of the filmmaker’s life story. Now, the album will be expanded into a film by Canadian... [ Read More → ]

Fassbinder’s World on a Wire

  Janus Films will be distributing new digitally restored 35mm prints of Fassbinder’s epic 1973 film ‘World on a Wire.’ Appearing at MoMA twice in the last 2 years, it was somewhat expected that Janus would restore the work. If the film generates enough profit and attention during national circulation, it is also probable that... [ Read More → ]
Light Industry signs 5 year lease in Greenpoint, and announces Free Anthony McCall event in Dia Chelsea

Light Industry signs 5 year lease in Greenpoint, and announces Free Anthony McCall event in Dia Chelsea

Light Industry announced today that they’ve  just signed a 5-year lease on a new, ground-floor space at 155 Freeman Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, which they will share with Triple Canopy and The Public School. While the venue is being renovated over the summer, Light Industry will continue presenting a regular series of events at like-minded... [ Read More → ]

Rudy Wurlitzer retrospective at Anthology

  I Went to Anthology on Saturday for the Wurlitzer retrospective, where the film Glen and Randa was followed by a Q&A between long-time friends and contemporaries, Robert Downy Sr. and the honored screenwriter himself, Rudy Wurlitzer. The Q&A started with Downey thanking Anthology for finally doing an interesting retrospective, one that he would actually... [ Read More → ]

Churner and Churner gallery screens a Kuchar Brother pairing

The Secret of Wendel Samson (1966, Mike Kuchar) (Above and below)   Encyclopedia Of The Blessed (1967-69, George Kuchar) (above) Two very different George and Mike Kuchar selections were screened Friday night courtesy of the Film Co-op and a 16mm projector borrowed from Light Industry at the new space Churner and Churner on 10th Avenue.... [ Read More → ]

Sorta Power/ Kinda Crust/ Vaguely Wave

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MIAP Program Offers New Summer Course on Copyright and Intellectual Property

Yeah, so I really wish I could take this course. MIAP friends sneak me a syllabus for some self-directed study!   Copyright Law for Cultural Institutions 3 credits, July 25 August 5 2011, M-F 9am-12pm (plus an additional hour of online activities each day) Instructor: Rina Pantalony This graduate-level course addresses the intellectual property issues... [ Read More → ]

Dreamweapon: The Art and Life of Angus MacLise (1938 – 1979) at Boo-Hooray

Boo-Horray gallery on West 23rd St will present Dreamweapon: The Art and Life of Angus MacLise from May 10 – May 29 curated by Johan Kugelberg (JOHANN KUGELBERG!!!) and Will Cameron. The larger project will also encompass a Sound Installation (at 265 Canal St) and a Film series at Anthology (on May 12th) featuring the... [ Read More → ]

La Brune et Moi

  Filmed in 1979, screened once in 1980 to a small crowd on the Left Bank, and lost until 2005, I’m sad to say that my 2011 tastes were underwhelmed with this one. French director Philippe Puicouyoul lifted the story line (Business man falls for a young girl and vows to fulfill her dream of... [ Read More → ]

Maria Lassing "Films" at Friedrich Petzel

Known mainly for her paintings, (specifically, her ‘Body Awareness Paintings’) Chelsea’s Friedrich Petzel Gallery has organized an exhibition of the Viennese artist Maria Lassing’s videos. These lesser known works were created in New York, where the artist resided for 12 years until 1980. During her stint with the city, it makes sense that she became... [ Read More → ]

Parisienne Commercials

Between 1990-2001, leading Swiss cigarette brand ‘Parisienne’ commissioned a series of commercials by internationally renown film directors. I’m not entirely clear why, but the company specified that the directors use the brand’s original name, ‘Parisienne People,’ in this series, which were screened in previews in Swiss and French cinematheques before film trailers. Aside from the... [ Read More → ]

Fast Forward 2: The Power of Motion at ZKM – Center for Art and Media

A sequel to the 2003 exhibition at ZKM, Fast Forward 2 will present a selection from the Munich-based video and contemporary art collector Ingvild Goetz from Munich, which has expanded significantly over the last 7 years. Known for Video, Film, and Media Art, ZKM does some of the more challenging shows; with regard to their... [ Read More → ]

Gary Hill, George Quasha, and Charles Stein at EAI

A screening and conversation was held last night at Electronic Arts Intermix in celebration of the new book An Art of Limina: Gary Hill’s Works and Writings. A panel consisting of Gary Hill, George Quasha and Charles Stein (authors of the publication) illuminated and discussed a selection of Hill’s early single-channel videos, such as Around... [ Read More → ]

Videofreex Documentary

Another interesting aspect of the Tuesday night screening at Light Industry was the realization that a documentary about the Freex is in the works. The filmmaker Jon Nealon was present in the audience, and seemed quite excited about the project. I recently received this email from him: Hi all, Thanks to everyone who signed up... [ Read More → ]

Fassbinder Freaks Take-Over MoMA

I was super disappointed on Monday afternoon, when I ditched work to go see Fassbinder’s 1973 TV series “World on a Wire” and was denied. And I don’t usually back down so easily. However, the MoMA’s Administration entrance (not the main one) was packed- and i mean packed- with throngs of Fassbinder fanboy types. It... [ Read More → ]

Queens of Noise

All in all, the Runaways was pretty decent. Of course there were problems with it, but this much is inevitable with Hollywood films looking back into a specific time period. Dakota Fanning plays a seriously great drug addict towards the end of the film. Especially considering that she is still only 16 and comes from... [ Read More → ]

If only: Bruce LaBruce in Berlin

PERES PROJECTS BERLINSchlesische Strasse 26January 30–April 24 Ever since seeing Otto, and LA Zombie, I have been smitten with Canada’s Bruce LaBruce, who has seemingly transformed from a DIY queer-zine-making/gay porn star to a fully matured cineaste. I would love to see how his work translates in gallery space. And what a fun project, to... [ Read More → ]

Mr. Mom

Walking down the street one day, I happened upon a bag full of brand-new mostly deplorable dvds. Some movie called “Pale-Male,” “Pirates of the Carribbean 2,” “Face-Off,” some show tunes, you get the picture. I did find myself tempted by a double feature of “Baby Boom” and “Mr. Mom.” After selling the crappy ones to... [ Read More → ]

Len Lye: The Cosmic Archive

The Birth of the Robot, 1936 If I had money to burn, the exhibition “LEN LYE: THE COSMIC ARCHIVE” at Govett-Brewster Art Gallery in Aotearoa, New Zealand would be a serious priority. Us New York based folk, and NZ foreigners will have to settle for the forthcoming publication from Govett-Brewster Art Gallery instead, which is... [ Read More → ]

Video Witch: Joan Jonas’ shamanistic approach to performance

I had no idea what to expect for the performance billed ‘Joan Jonas reading Dante.’ I read the Performa summary, which lent almost no information, as well an ArtForum article about the work as instantiated for the 2008 Biennale of Sydney and some other scraps; yet nowhere in the limited information that I could cobble... [ Read More → ]