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Self Esteem Salon!

CHRIS VERENE: The Self-Esteem Salon Friday, Saturday & Sunday August 12, 13, & 14 12 noon until 8pm, Socrates Sculpture Park “The Self-Preservation Series” The Self-Esteem Salon with Jessica Grable Socrates Sculpure Park, New York City: AUGUST 12-14, 2011, LIVE Performance ALL EVENTS ARE FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Appointments can be made via... [ Read More → ]
Light Industry presents a McLuhan screening at the New Museum

Light Industry presents a McLuhan screening at the New Museum

  Light Industry at the New Museum: This Is Marshall McLuhan: The Medium Is the Massage Thursday, August 11, 2011 at 7pmThis Is Marshall McLuhan: The Medium Is the Massage Ernest Pintoff, 16mm, 1967, 54 mins Introduced by Alex KitnickThis Is Marshall McLuhan: The Medium Is the Massage premiered in 1967 as one of the... [ Read More → ]


McLuhan’s Centennial

McLuhan’s Centennial

Today marks the centennial of one of the most charismatic, controversial and original thinkers of our time. Marshall McLuhan is universally regarded as the father of communications and media studies and prophet of the information age.  His remarkable perception propelled him onto the international stage, during the 1960s, and there hasn’t been a more influential... [ Read More → ]

New Kalup Linzy Video

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Ron Slate on Where Art Belongs, essays by Chris Kraus (semiotext[e] intervention series)

A few months ago, I read the new Chris Krauss book, (oddly) titled, “Where Art Belongs.” Not having the time to critique the book myself, I thought I would post Ron Slate’s recent review: July 18th, 2011 In September, 2009, an art collective called Bernadette Corporation exhibited “The Complete Poem” at Greene Naftali, a commercial... [ Read More → ]

NZ on Screen presents: Artists on Screen Series

For this showcase of NZ visual arts talent, critic Mark Amery selects his top documentaries profiling artists. From the icons (Hotere, McCahon, Lye ) to the unheralded (Edith Collier) to Takis the Greek, each portrait shines light on the person behind the proverbial canvas. Amery introduces the collection of Kiwi artists as framed onscreen, in... [ Read More → ]

E.S.P. TV at Silvershed

Sat. July 9, 8pm-12am SILVER SHED 119 West 25th Street, PH New York , NY 10001 Tel: 1-646-322-332 E.S.P. TV is coming to Silvershed this Saturday with a rooftop screening of highlights and outtakes from Episodes 1-4 and a sneak preview of Episode #5. If you’ve never seen the show this is a great chance... [ Read More → ]

Teens “Get” Ryan Trecartin

Posted by Daniela Stigh, Assistant Director, Communications, MoMA PS1 on the museum’s Inside/Out blog Ryan Trecartin. Roamie View: History Enhancement (Re’Search Wait’S). 2009–10. HD Video, 28:23 min. Image courtesy the artist and Elizabeth Dee, New York  I had the opportunity to meet with a group of teens in MoMA’s Museum Studies program to discuss what... [ Read More → ]

“The View From a Volcano: The Kitchen’s Soho Years, 1971-1985″

Anthology Film Archives. Electronic Arts Intermix. White Columns. The Kitchen. What do all of these cultural meccas share in common in 2011? Each DIY space-cum- “institution” is celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year. In addition to lectures and performances, The Kitchen will present an exhibition about its early years in Soho, before the alternative arts... [ Read More → ]

Bring to Light NYC brings Nuit Blanche to Greenpoint, Calls for Artists

Early this spring, New Yorkers were treated to a unique and unprecedented  spectacle, with “Let Us Eat Cake,” a program where projected images filled the facade of the New Museum on the Bowery. Following along this trajectory, the same collective will present a one night festival of ephemeral, site-specific, public projections and performances in Greenpoint... [ Read More → ]
Guy Maddin to adapt Sparks' tribute to Ingmar Bergman

Guy Maddin to adapt Sparks’ tribute to Ingmar Bergman

  Josiah Hughes reports: Back in 2009, legendary pop outsiders Sparks followed up their 21st studio album, Exotic Creatures of the Deep, with The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman, an album that doubled as a musical, following a fictionalized version of the filmmaker’s life story. Now, the album will be expanded into a film by Canadian... [ Read More → ]
For the Kids at Salon 94 Freemans

For the Kids at Salon 94 Freemans

From the Press Release: Salon 94 is pleased to present For the Kids, an exhibition of sports lithographs from the archives of John and Tock Costacos. Opening on Thursday, June 23rd 2011 at Salon 94 Freemans and curated by Fabienne Stephan and Adam Shopkorn, the show serves as a mini-retrospective of early Costacos posters from... [ Read More → ]

Wian Treetin

  In anticipation of the opening of his exhibition Any Ever at PS1, this Saturday June 18th at PS1; Ryan Trecartin has leaked 4 of the 7 part non-sequential epic film to four different websites. Loyally, the artist debuted the first segment Ready (Re’Search Wait’s) on Rhizome.org, then The Re’Search at Dis Magazine, Temp Stop... [ Read More → ]

Ur-0 Remix and Pop Recontextualization according to Arcangel

Ever since reading Cory Arcangel’s op-ed piece for the summer issue of Artforum, I have been thinking about his analysis of quoting and appropriation in pop music. Hasn’t this always been the case in both music and art? It is interesting and curious that various strains of trance musics have entered the vernacular of American... [ Read More → ]

Getty acquires Harold Szeemann archives

Marcia Reed and Glenn Phillips for the Getty Blog reporting:   Preserving the Legacy of Harold Szeemann   Harald Szeemann. Photo: Ingeborg Lüscher The Harald Szeemann Archive and Library, one of the most important private research collections for modern and contemporary art in the world, is coming to the Getty Research Institute—and we couldn’t be... [ Read More → ]

Ken Jacobs Interview in TimeOut Chicago

The avant-garde icon will present a live work at the Film Studies Center. By Patrick Friel Caption: LIGHT MOTIF Jacobs, inset, performs at the Paris Cinematheque. “The Green Wave,” background, is a DV experiment in stereoscopic imagery “without spectacles.”       Credits: Ken Jacobs       For more than 50 years, Ken Jacobs... [ Read More → ]

Mark Fisher to lecture at Cooper Union

THE COLLOQUIUM FOR UNPOPULAR CULTURE AND NYU’S ASIAN/ PACIFIC/ AMERICAN STUDIES PROGRAM present 2 talks by Mark Fisher: On Hauntology/ Capitalist Realism From Fisher’s website: What are grey vampires and how do they retard the insurrectionary potential of digital discourse? How does Derrida’s notion of hauntology contribute to an understanding of dubstep artist Burial? Is... [ Read More → ]

Rudy Wurlitzer retrospective at Anthology

  I Went to Anthology on Saturday for the Wurlitzer retrospective, where the film Glen and Randa was followed by a Q&A between long-time friends and contemporaries, Robert Downy Sr. and the honored screenwriter himself, Rudy Wurlitzer. The Q&A started with Downey thanking Anthology for finally doing an interesting retrospective, one that he would actually... [ Read More → ]

Churner and Churner gallery screens a Kuchar Brother pairing

The Secret of Wendel Samson (1966, Mike Kuchar) (Above and below)   Encyclopedia Of The Blessed (1967-69, George Kuchar) (above) Two very different George and Mike Kuchar selections were screened Friday night courtesy of the Film Co-op and a 16mm projector borrowed from Light Industry at the new space Churner and Churner on 10th Avenue.... [ Read More → ]

Barbie Video Girl

I need this ASAP. Always wanted one of these as a kid, but never had one. Used my parents’ Panasonic shoulder camcorder instead to make SWV and Juliana Hatfield home music videos. Maybe someday I will transfer them and upload them. They’re pretty good.. In fourth grade, I had to earn straight A’s to get... [ Read More → ]

Sorta Power/ Kinda Crust/ Vaguely Wave

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What I did with my tax return

William Powhida print from Jen Bekman (don’t worry, I bought the reissue) (also the reissue) orig (lame) Did not buy this, but it would be awesome if someone did. [ Read More → ]

Edge of the Wedge

“In Watermelon Sugar the Deeds Were Done and Done Again as My Life is Done in Watermelon Sugar.”   The Wedge Severed Heads Edge of the Wedge Theorem In Watermelon Sugar [ Read More → ]

Dreamweapon: The Art and Life of Angus MacLise (1938 – 1979) at Boo-Hooray

Boo-Horray gallery on West 23rd St will present Dreamweapon: The Art and Life of Angus MacLise from May 10 – May 29 curated by Johan Kugelberg (JOHANN KUGELBERG!!!) and Will Cameron. The larger project will also encompass a Sound Installation (at 265 Canal St) and a Film series at Anthology (on May 12th) featuring the... [ Read More → ]

La Brune et Moi

  Filmed in 1979, screened once in 1980 to a small crowd on the Left Bank, and lost until 2005, I’m sad to say that my 2011 tastes were underwhelmed with this one. French director Philippe Puicouyoul lifted the story line (Business man falls for a young girl and vows to fulfill her dream of... [ Read More → ]

Aluminum Music at the Kitchen’s 40th

In celebration of their 40th Anniversary, The Kitchen is hosting a party that will be based on a memorable bday-bash-cum-fundraiser in June of 1981 at a Times Square Megaclub. “Dubbed Aluminum Nights, the marathon event saw a capacity audience of many hundreds — including, all seem to recall, Mick Jagger backstage — enjoy a diversified... [ Read More → ]

EAI in Times Square! MTV 44 1/2 , EAI, and The Times Square Alliance Partners to Celebrate Video

This is so exciting! Instead of pontificating as usual, I think it’s best to simply re-post the info from EAI’s website. Video documentation to follow! Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) celebrates its 40th anniversary with a special project for Times Square. In partnership with the Times Square Alliance and MTV, EAI brings artists’ visions to the... [ Read More → ]

Bits of Broodthaers

La salle blanche, 1975 Delving into a post about Broodthaers is out of the question here, because I generally don’t spend more than a few minutes on posts. And there is SO much to say about the prolific artist. I found this image of his tombstone, that he designed, and wanted to post it. Broodthaers... [ Read More → ]

Janet. and her uncanny obsession with her breasts

For a long while, I have been trying to find a beat up “Janet.” tour shirt. My ebay search for such a 90s relic is what generated this post. Although it probably started earlier in her career, Janet Jackson’s 1993 album “Janet.”, released under the Virgin label really propelled her into a full-fledged sex-symbol, and... [ Read More → ]