Former drummer Torben Tilly, now of Berlin based electronic duo Minit, described G&tF’s sound thusly:

“There’s this crystalline structure of a song with its architecture of chords and idiomatic vocal melody. It’s something quite arcane and folkloric, owing a lot to Helen and Yuri Frusin’s song-writing and Helen Johnstones’ sapphirine voice. … These songs would become unhinged and collapse into fractured shards of noise and disunion, leaning heavily like wine. This was especially the case when playing live, even if it was intentional or accidental. Part of its beauty was that almost at the same instant that it was falling apart it was beginning to fall back together again, creating a counterpoint of melancholy and joy. I quite like it when it is so chaotic and entangled. Somehow it feeds the imagination and the music takes on a life of its own, revealing secret patterns and ghosts in the recordings.

Carousel/Catnip (Twisted Village, 1992) – Felt an immediate connection with the recording– not sure if that’s bc of the recording technique, the song structures themselves, or the design of the damn thing; but it’s what brought me in. AND their name is so dead on. Sounds so excellently damaged. Alastair Galbraith thought so too. Found the single via Doledrums in 2008; The propulsive, feedback-drenched “Catnip” and its counterpart, the austere, resigned “Carousel,” offer a bleak vision of modern humanity that is inescapable in its hypnotizing lull.

Still Single review of Skulltones 7″ “Alamo Rose” b/w “River of Sem”–There’s really no point in trying to add to this review.

Eyes Rind as if Beggars (another copy)

Eyes Rind as if Beggars (1997, The Now Sound)- Holy shit. I wish I could get my hands on a copy of this 2LP. It’s so weird and pretty! Free, folky, unapologetically uneven. Hand gessoed and painted covers too. A fractured dream.

Stoned Rehearsal (reissued 2011 from cassette) The  Quemada website alleged that Stoned Rehearsal was “recorded in 2007 to an audience that consisted solely of two Rainforest Dingoes and a Tibetan terrier, Stoned Rehearsal finds our heroes and heroine relaxed and loose.” I think I read a review a while back that said something like, “You actually feel like you are stoned, in their living room, watching them practice” Well put!

Get “Stoned Rehearsal”

2.8 Blog– Some pretty cool pics of Garbage and the Flowers from a Sydney show this past fall.

Thanks to Wellington based, Stephen Clover for the Torben Tilly quote!