As part of MoMA’s current exhibition Contemporary Galleries: 1980 – Now, films by Stan Brakhage are being screened daily at 3pm in the Time Warner Screening Room on the 2nd floor of the Museum’s Lewis B and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Building. The program changes once a week, on Wednesday. Meantime, in another black-box gallery on the same floor, Jean-Luc Godard’s Histoire(s) du cinéma (1988-1998) is being shown with English subtitles.

There hasn’t been much noise about this, although, to be fair, @MoMAFilm did tweet about the Brakhage and Godard screenings back in November. To be even more fair, this is a gargantuan exhibition — the Art Tattler has a fairly thorough overview — and not every work’s going to get its own press release. But now you know.

Night Music

Night Music (1986)



You may recall a previous alertin mid-December regarding what amounts to a fairly extensive retrospective of films by Stan Brakhage going on at MoMA in New York. There wasn’t much noise being made about it at the time, and now, several weeks on, there still isn’t, so here’s a second alert. The screenings are taking place daily at 3pm in the Time Warner Screening Room on the 2nd floor of the Museum’s Lewis B and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Building, with the program changing once a week on Wednesdays. The schedule through March 5:

February 1-6:
Confession. 1986.  16mm. 18 fps.  Color. 24 min
Night Music. 1986. 16mm. Color. 30 sec.
Loud Visual Noises. 1987. 16mm. 24 fps. Color. Music compilation by Joel Haertling. 3 ½ min
Kindering. 1987. 16mm  24fps. Color.  Music by Architects Office. 3 min
Rage Net. 1988. 16mm. Color. 30 sec.
Babylon Series.  (1-3). 1989. 16mm. 18 fps. Color. Total: 12 min.
The Dante Quartet. 1987. 35mm. 18 fps. Color. 8 min
Garden of Earthly Delights. 1981. 18fps. Color. 3 min.

February  8-13:
Matins.  1988. 16mm 18fps. Color. 2 ½ min
I… Dreaming. 1988. 16mm. 24 fps. Color. Music by Joel Haertling (and Stephen Foster).  7 ½  min
Marilyn’s Window. 1988. 16mm. 18fps. Color. 8 min
City Streaming.  1989. 16mm. 18fps. Color. 25 min
The Thatch of Night. 1989. 16mm. 18 fps. 6 min
Visions in Meditation. 1989. 16mm. 18fps. 18 min.

February  15-20: 
Arabic Numeral Series 1-8. 1981. 16mm. 18 frames per second (fps). Total running time: 67 min

February 22-27:
Arabic Numeral Series 9-12. 1981. 16mm. 18 fps. Total running time: 77 min

February 29- March 5:
Arabic Numeral Series 13-19. 1981/1982.  16mm.  18fps.  Total running time: 52 min

Update, 2/26:

March 7-12: Roman Numeral Series III-IX. 1980/81. 16mm. 18 fps. Color. Total running time: 32 min. / Unconscious London Strata. 1981. 16mm.  18 fps. Color.  23 ½  min.

March 14-19:  Faustfilm: An Opera. 1987. Music by Rick Corrigan. 16mm. 24 fps. Color. 43 ½ min.

March 21-26:  Faust’s Other: An Idyll. 1988. Sound and Music by Joel Haertling. 16mm. 24 fps. Color. 44 ½ min.

March 28-April 2: Faust 3: Candida Albacore. 1988. Music by Doll Parts; Sound by Rick Corrigan. 16mm.  24 fps. Color.  27 mins / Faust 4. 1989. Music by Rick Corrigan. 16mm. 24 fps. Color. 37 min.