At first I was like, “why are Sing-Sing reissuing a Bats single??”, but then duhhhhh I realized it’s a different Bats. Before the NZ Bats formed in 1982– these bats were playing around New Haven, CT in the late 70’s early 80’s with  a sound that “melded New Wave, Ventures noodling, well-meaning but misplaced prog and, best of all, catchy, beautiful pop. Another quote from the previous 1982 Billboard review suggested this record “To those who wake up every morning to well worn copies of the Raspberries’ “Go All the Way,” this one’s for you.”  Wow- never knew us Eric Carmen geeks actually constituted a market segment. That little geode of knowledge makes me smile nonetheless.

The Bats also released one LP, How Pop Can You Get  in 1982– and had three rippers included in Numero’s power pop comp Yellow Pills: Prefill from 2005. Also worth mentioning–is the fact that Jon Brion was the Bats’ frontman. Weird.

The Bats were initially listed on Gustav records who had a handful of releases in the early 80s– including a comp that I am now curious to hear, appropriately titled, It Happened…But Nobody Noticed. This tracklist has got me wondering now:
Poodle Boys- Pop Party
Subdueds- Subdued
Scout House- Talkin ‘Bout You
Hot Bodies- From The Inside
Furors, The (2)- Hey, Joni
Saucers- Muckraker
Snotz, The- That’s Life

TV Neats- Dear Abby
International Q- Small Talk
Troupe Di Coupe- Funeral Row
No Music (2)- Same Old Shit
October Days- Do The Right Thing
Bats, The (2)- Living In Alaska