Fowler’s latest work, ALL DIVIDED SELVES considers the legacy of radical psychiatrist R.D. Laing. Following his celebrated WHAT YOU SEE IS WHERE YOU’RE AT (2001) and BOGMAN PALMJAGUAR (2007), this is the third of Fowler’s works invested in the reconfiguration of self and society proposed by Laing. Developed during his 2010 residency at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College, the film will have its premiere screening at Anthology Film Archives on November 3, 2011, followed by an installation at CCS Bard from November 9-December 23, 2011. The project will then travel to Inverleith House in Edinburgh on Feb 2012.

The social and cultural revolutions of the 1960s were spearheaded by the charismatic, guru-like figure of R.D. Laing. In “The Politics of Experience” (1967) Laing argued that normality entailed adjusting ourselves to the mystification of an alienating and depersonalizing world. Thus, those society labels as ‘mentally ill’ are in fact ‘hyper-sane’ travelers, conducting an inner voyage through aeonic time. Looking variously at the media representations of psychiatry and Laing’s own shifting viewpoints, the film is constructed equally from archival material, found footage, interviews, reinterpretations of original texts, and footage of the filmmaker’s daily life. His films experiment with a documentary style to reflect the nature of his subjects and his own involvement in their representation, while examining the contradictions and conflicts that develop within.

First Chapter of R.D. Laing’s Politics of Experience; Persons of Experience